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Storyderm is a brand launched in 2012 by Korean company Sensco. Storyderm is a range of skin rejuvenation products which encourage stimulation of cell proliferation developed through scientific research.

Storyderm is a clinical/dermatological Korean skin care line. This line has taken the aesthetic world by storm, with a unique ingredient deck such as spicules, aka liquid microneedles, stem cells, crystallized hyaluronic acid spears that act as a delivery system to a patented botulinum toxic hybrid protein.


These are just a few of the dynamic ingredients in the line that standout not only in the treatment room, but also, with home care products that create a perfect marriage between a therapist and client. Storyderm is a full line of products - the line has great alternatives to the standard chemical peels and works great on those higher Fitzpatrick scales that do not do well with standard chemical peels. There are skin tightening treatments as well as a wide range of sheet masks and a line of jelly masks.


Storyderm has introduced very creative 'Osmocell Technology' method that is able to amplify the effect by increasing the penetration of ingredients in a safer and more stable state without destroying highly functional bioactive ingredients. Effective ingredients delivered to the dermal layer through the 'Osmocell Technology' quickly regenerate damaged and aged cells, increase skin density, improve elasticity & results in healthier skin.

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